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Frequently asked questions

How does the website work? Each time a job is submitted, we query Seek to see if it can pair the job in question with a specific salary. If Seek successfully finds a match, the tool incrementally adds $1000 to the salary until no further matches are found. The range is determined once Seek returns a negative response.
Is it accurate? It's only as reliable as the data going into Seek's job post. This is likely done by the recruiter. 
Why was the website created?
This tool was designed with the intention of promoting transparency in salary discussions by encouraging recruiters and companies to be more forthcoming. It is our hope that this tool will significantly improve the job application process in New Zealand and Australia.
Who are Bay of Islands Animal Rescue?
Bay of Islands Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization based in New Zealand that focuses on rescuing and rehoming animals.
Their mission is to ensure that no healthy dog is ever put down, and they rely on donations and fundraising to support their work.
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